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Medical bill that went to collections....I paid a portion

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Medical bill that went to collections....I paid a portion

I had spoken with a person in the medical billing dept. at the hospital where I had a bill from when I had my son, and I was on a payment arrangement and asked if I could wait to make payments because I was on maternity leave without pay.  She said it was fine, and I got her name time and date I spoke with her.  A month after my maternity leave I recvd. a letter stating that I was sent to the collection department, and they would be sending me something.  I called my ins. company and my resposibility was 590.  I had already paid them $200.  The collection agency is trying to charge me the 590.  I explained to the man that I have checks, and bills...also I requested an itemised statement from the hospital to show I had paid.  He won't accept those, and said I am responsible for the whole amount?  Can he do that, when I already paid that before it was even collections?  I keep getting the run around from both of said, they can't do anything because it's in collections...the collections person is telling me that this is the amnt. the hospital sent him.

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Re: Medical bill that went to collections....I paid a portion

Call the hospital and ask if your ins.paid.   If they did the and find out why.
Do NOT talk to the CA!!!
If you can not PIF   make payments........about 2 weeks before your last payment  dispute with the PRE-HIPAA    and send the payment with the 2nd HIPAA letter   using insert (B)  $???
all payments are made payable to the hosp.  on the back of every check write on the back * for deposit only*!!!       nothing goes to the CA

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