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Medical collection need resolution


Medical collection need resolution

Hi again guys,


I recently had my FICO scores pulled by a lender for the purpose of buying my 1st home and I have a mean FICO score of 671. This is good enough to qualify for the FHA loan(min score 640). However I have two old medical collections that I have been told must be resolved prior to moving forward. One is from 3/2008(originally $2770.00 now $4073.00) and the other is from 6/09($2450.00) Since my score is already high enough, should I just settle the accounts with the CA? I don't really need to do a PDF or use the H I P A A trick do I? I'm pretty sure I can settle these accounts for considerably less than either of those options, but they would remain on my report.

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Re: Medical collection need resolution

Oh, dear...where to start...


First of all, having any sort of collection account on your CR (paid or not) is BAD. I would strongly advise you to resist the temptation to contact the CA in regards to a medical collection. There is a tried and true way to resolve them...however, patience is key. Smiley Wink


Sorry, I cannot elaborate more. I'm sure you can do a search and find the information you need.


Good luck! Smiley Happy

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Re: Medical collection need resolution

I know the course of action that you're referring to. I'm just not positive about the process. Could anyone please inbox me the details regarding the handling of medical bills with the OC?

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