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Medical collection

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Medical collection

Hello, all.  I have a medical collection from one OC that is on two of my CRs--TU and EQ.  The one from TU says my balance is $922 (date reported 03/2010).  The one from EQ says my balance is $680 (date reported 11/2006).  I'm not sure which is the correct balance, and I don't want to pay twice for one collection.  According to EQ, the DOFD is 06/2006 (nothing listed on TU).  According to TU, the estimated removal time is 05/2013 (nothing listed on EQ).  I am looking to buy a house in 12 months, and I would like to get this thing off my report.  I can't afford to pay $922 or $680 all at once.  What can I do about this?

Starting Score: 09/14 EQ 596 TU 587 EX 588
Current Score: 11/14 EQ 670
TU 602 (CK VantageScore 688)
EX 656

Goal Score: 700

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Re: Medical collection

I don't think discussion of how to use the HIPAA process is allowed here but if you Google it and deletion of derogatory information, you may well find it.


That said, I contacted an OC and asked them what I owed, obviously, in writing CMRRR.  Then I wrote them a PFD letter.  Then I sent money.  Then I waited for copy of CMRRR to arrive.  Then I contacted CRA.


That may work for you as well... it is SOP for PFD requests.

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