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Merrick Bank Question

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Merrick Bank Question

Ok....I had a Merrick Credit card several years ago.  I completely forgot about it, well it popped up on my credit reports as a collection.  The account is still under Merrick Bank and not a collection account.  Should I attempt to reinsatate the account (if they will do that) and make payments?  What are my options?  I would like to not have it listed as a collection on my CR's. 


Wanted advice before I attempted to call Merrick.



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Re: Merrick Bank Question

I was curious as to how this turned out. I called them today regarding an account that they're reporting as a charge off in '09 but the DOFD as 4/11. I called the number listed on my CR...I was told to write a PO Box with my questiosn and to send a copy of my credit report....Not sure how to proceed with this. 

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