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Messed Up in 2021 - How Do I Tackle This Debt

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Messed Up in 2021 - How Do I Tackle This Debt

I was on track for credit building and repair, had all these CCs that was supposed to be building my history, and wam bam messed it all up in 2021. Setting up my budget for 2023, I am making this debt a priority and going to start working on my credit again. ANY advice would help. All these charge offs, whats the best plan of action? I want to buy a house in 2024, my scores are all in the low 500s.

Bay Area Credit Service ambulancecollectionX X $                    864.006/30/2017 
Sequium Asset CoxcollectionXXX $                    384.008/8/2022 
Merchants Credit Virginia Masoncollection  X $                    805.007/24/2020 
credit onecredit one credit card - charge off   X $                    672.00  
Kohls Kohs credit card - charge off X   $                    381.002/28/2021Not Sold
Merrick Merrick credit card - charge off X X $                    923.003/31/2021Not Sold
Opensky Openskycredit card - charge off XX  $                    150.003/31/2021Not Sold
Target Target credit card - charge off XX  $                1,346.005/31/2021Not Sold
Spring OaksIndigocredit card - charge off  XX $                    657.005/31/2021Sold to Collection - On CR
Spring OaksUpgradeLoan - charge off XXX $                3,709.003/31/2021Sold to Collection - On CR
NumericaNumericaCar Loan - RepossessionXXX $                5,551.008/31/2022 
Fingerhut Fingerhutcredit card - charge off X   2/28/2021Sold to Collection - Not on CR
Citi Citicredit card - charge off  X  $                      51.008/31/2018Not Sold
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Re: Messed Up in 2021 - How Do I Tackle This Debt

Welcome to the forums @kredit4koral 

Dont stop paying the monthly's for one. Who are the collection agencies? You might have some that PFD once settled. The CO status wont go anywhere. How much do you have to apply to the debts once the CA's are done.

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Re: Messed Up in 2021 - How Do I Tackle This Debt

I would tackle Sequium/COX as it is the most recent other than the repo.  For the rest, assuming that you do not have any current open tradelines, I would open a secured CC and a secured credit builder loan.  Would probably see a bigger jump in score than using the money toward paying off the collection accounts.  Once your SOL hits you can probably settle the remainder for much less than is owed in exchange for a deletion.

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