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Midland Funding Help

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Midland Funding Help

Working on my collections...resolved Portfolio today!


On Midlands site it says I have 3 collections. Only one offers a settlement amount, so I called to see if I could make offers on all three,


The guy said two of the accounts he cant discuss with me because I have an attorney? I dont have an attorney.


They also give an option to review the documents on file.


One is walmart- They have a "Goodbye letter"(?) In a nutshell it says they sold the debt to Midland and a charge off statement. Thats it, no statements of my account or anything like Bestbuy( the account they claim they can actually discuss with me)


The other is Credit One- In the document section they have statements dated between 2013-2015. They also have a copy of a judgement against me filed in Texas? I never was noticed in Texas for a lawsuit. also, I went to Montgomery Texas Clerk of Court and looked up my name under civil cases, zero results for my name??


What the heck is going on? 


Do I need an attorney to deal with Midland? Im feeling very concerned now.

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Re: Midland Funding Help

It won't hurt to go over some options with a consumer protection attorney. A consultation would be free.

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Re: Midland Funding Help

Hello. I had this same issue. I had to send a letter stating that I did not have an atty representing me. I sent it via fax. Once they updated the account, I was able to make a settlement and pay in the same day.  I had previously sent one of those  letters requesting proof of debt, it mentioned that I'd seek legal assistance if they didnt respond. Someone took that and ran w it and flagged my acct. The rep stated that it happens often. If/when you send a letter, make sure you list all the accounts you want to discuss/remove the atty on the letter, doesent have to be one acct per letter. My letter was short and to the point, "I am not being represented by an atty and never was, please update this/these accounts to reflect such." Hope this helps. 


Best wishes!!

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