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Midland Update Issue - Score Went Up


Midland Update Issue - Score Went Up


While I was more than pleased that I received a score alert that my credit  score for Equifax has gone from a  591 to a 601.  I am not enthuised as to why.  I had an Aspire account that Midland was collecting on (I guess).  I disputed a number of things with the credit bureau, this being one of them.  I also sent dv letters out, Midland being one of them as well. Midland has yet to answser my dv letter.


After I sent the disputes however, I read on here about the FTC ruling regarding Aspire accounts.  I got advice that I should wiail until the initial disputes cleared with the credit bureau before I disputed the Midland account citing the FTC ruling had they not deleted the account.


Well as shown  below, it looks like I will be disputing again and this time for a removal.


In addition, I had a judgment stemming for this account, which I paid in March and the attorney, while they sent me a paid letter and said they will be updating the court, they have yet to update the bureaus.


I am patiently waiting for my disputes with the agencies to conclude so I can go after removal of the judgment and now this Midland or can I dispute the judgment now as that was no a part of my first dispute letters to the bureau?




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