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Midland vs Enhanced Recovery

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Midland vs Enhanced Recovery

Hi I have 2 CA's trying to get paid for the same T-Mobile debt I have.. called Midland first and made arrangements to settle for less to pay to close the acct.. then I called enhanced and gave them my info but they don't have records of my debt, but they're reported on my EX and TU.. I disputed to both CRA n in the process...

Just paid 3 CA's yesterday and another one this Monday... after that I'll only have one left from an old apt . When should I GW those CA's? A month, 2weeks?
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Re: Midland vs Enhanced Recovery

I"d give it a couple of weeks and then start the GW progress.

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Re: Midland vs Enhanced Recovery

Thanx, I can't wait to start.. I see some ppl here applying for auto loans with lower scores than I have and they seem fine paying a lil more interest.. I would love to get my score around 660 so I can get an APR around 8ish at lease.. By Aug., I should have around $13000 for a down payment.. Talked to a few friends and they say 30% is good to put down.. I'm looking forward to buying a car around 35k.. So at lease 10k down and finance 25k, +tax/title/tag/etc... Hopefully these GW letter will get those ugly scars off my report..

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