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Re: Midland

lambrusco100 wrote:

Hi there,


I'm about to deal with Midland too. Does anyone have a legit address for their collection agency? I heard the address they include on the credit report is for credit reporting matters only, not for collection activities. Since I'm going to DV them, I'd love it if someone could provide a confirmed address to send them a DV. The address on my CR is:


Midland Funding LLC

8875 Aero Dr. 200

San Diego, CA 92123     


Last thing - Is it a violation of the FCRA to report the same item twice on the CR? One item is reported by the OC as charged off, and a second separate trade item (for the same thing) appears under Midland.   

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No, it is not a violation.  One is the OC reporting of the status of their account, the CO and the CA is reporting the collection of the debt.

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Re: Midland

Do you mind PM'ing me the contact info as well. I am on hold with someone now trying to have them delete the account but I'm not having a lot of success as well. Thank you
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Re: Midland

Can I please have the contact email for Midland?  I am trying to send them a Goodwill letter for a charge off I paid.

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Re: Midland

Could you PM me the email too?!?
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Re: Midland

can i get the address also?

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Re: Midland

 I am also in the middle of a Midland GW situation. Can you send me the email and other contact information?


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Re: Midland

Can you pm me the email as well?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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Re: Midland

I am having a similar issue with Midland.  Midland bought a debt for a secured credit card (last payment made 07/2007, so its coming off next summer) and they refuse to settle and do a pay-for-delete.  I owe a total balance of a little over $2,000.  I made a settlement offer and their agent flat out told me they do not offer a pay-for-delete option, but would update the credit reporting agencies in 45-60 days.  I said thank you and hung up. 

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Re: Midland

Good ole Midland Funding...I have two on my scheduled to fall off this month and the other next month. So,  I am going to wait it out. BTW, they are only on my TU others. 

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Re: Midland



Can I also get the midland contact thank you. 



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