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Might Need 2 Mod My Plan

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Might Need 2 Mod My Plan

Sept/Oct of last year I went from no accounts to 3 reward CC, a Fingerhut revolver and a self lender loan. Closed the FH card and self lender closed this month, 1 month before the actual loan will be PiF.

SL closing hurt my Fico 8 scores more than I expected, they all dropped this month about 35-47 points, I was expecting about 25 max, I know it's always hard to say and maybe my mistake was trying to anticipate the drop all together.

I have a bunch of INQ on my EX CR, and was hoping to garden the most of the year, then app for better TL in the Nov/December time line.

Now however, I can't see having my scores where I want them to be for app round 2.

I do have money set aside, so I am torn. I could get a sizeable no INQ SL in a few months and pay it down to under 30 utilization by my desired timeline. The CU might do a 6yr loan @ 4.05% APR, which means If I do it right I could probably keep the loan open with 1-30% utilization for around 18 months. This would probably regain most of the point drop I took, and with my increasing length of regular and positive payment history may allow me to hit 740 with no INQ by December, for app round two.

But on the flip side, It lowers my AOYA by a few months, and adversely affect anything my AAoA as well which will continue to take hits for the next few years as I continue to grow my TL's. Plus, I don't really need the loan for any specific purchase, so the interest would gain me nothing but a temporary credit score boost. I know it's silly, but I still find myself torn. I am not worried about taking on too much, and am trying to develop a solid credit history for future credit needs, I have not done my credit score Justice in the last 30 years, mostly from not keeping older accounts open, a couple of lates, and
no usage or open accounts in for about a year prior to opening what I have now, I do need to fix that, especially before I seek a mortgage.

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Re: Might Need 2 Mod My Plan

Since you don't need the sll for any specific purchase use it before before you apply a mortgage.Use your thee reward cc's to build monthly on time payments an all three and never be late again.Learn the azeo method use it before mortgage app.One cc with utl  way lower than 10%.Keep one cc open to make it your oldest cc account.Don't apply for anything until sll/mortgage app.If you follow these steps your FICO score will improve over time.GOOD LUCK...

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