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Miracles Can Happen

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Miracles Can Happen

So I kind of knew this was going to happen because I had called Wells Fargo to cancel my secured card. The guy on the phone said sure! Let's get the process started and then asked wait... are you sure? It says here your card is set to graduate to an unsecured card on November 30th. I told him never mind on cancelling and honestly, kind of didn't believe him. I've heard horror stories of WF taking their sweet time to graduate these cards, if they ever do. It's been almost 2 years since I've opened this card, and have worked pretty hard to raise my scores to where they are (still have a lot more work to do!), so it's nice to see it finally paying off.


Also, does anyone know if they will possibly give me a higher credit limit? I put a depost of $1,200, so I'm assuming it won't be any lower than that, but has anyone had any experience with this before? Did they give you a higher CL than what your deposit was?


Funny story:  My dad actually received the same notice yesterday! He opened his secured card like a year before mine, so maybe they're feeling generous for the holidays? LOL yeah... I think not. It is Wells Fargo we're talking about.


I think I've found the sacred map that may lead me to this garden everyone keeps talking about.

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Re: Miracles Can Happen

Don't know the answer to your questions but congratulations!
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Re: Miracles Can Happen

Congrats on the graduation

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