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Monthly Score Updates???

New Contributor

Monthly Score Updates???

Ok I'm new here (joined a few months ago but haven't been on much) so this my sound weird.


I see that a lot of you have you credit scores posted in your signature to show your monthly progress.  Where do you go for these monthly updates? 


I just cancelled my I.D. protection because I was only getting quarterly reports and I would prefer to be like the majority of you all and get my scores monthly.

Dec. 2008 = EX 636 EQ 633 TU 628
Jan. 2009 = EX 659 EQ 659 TU 682
Feb. 7 2009 = EX ??? EQ 679 TU ???
Mar. 10 2009 = EX ??? EQ 737 TU ???
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Senior Contributor

Re: Monthly Score Updates???

we buy the scores here, however often we want or feel the need to.
Latest scores: Walmart TU: 769. MyFICO TU: 769. DCU EQ: 755. MyFICO EQ: 780. PSECU EX: 756. MyFICO EX: 780.
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