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More child support reporting questions

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More child support reporting questions

Ooooh .... more, more, more drama!

I posted a while back about my ex wanting me to help him with his credit (we're on decent terms, I guess -- it's one of those ... weird relationships), specifically, with helping him get Virginia off his CRs for back child support (I never asked for it, nor do I need it -- talking to VA does NO good).

Now, a few months ago, in some sort of half-behind effort to "connect" with his daughter (his BF has convinced him to do this), he's moved here to Florida (fun, fun, fun ... NOT). Well, FL is now "servicing" the CS enforcement.

Now, Florida is threatening to slap their own tradeline for Child Support on his credit reports. It will be for the same case, same child, etc. Essentially, the same tradeline, I would guess.

My question is (really, his question, but apparently I've been nominated his "mouthpiece") CAN they do that? Put two tradelines on the same report for the same "account?"

Please ... help!!! The nagging is killing me!!! o_O

Thanks so much in advance!!


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Re: More child support reporting questions

You as the custodial parent do have some rights, though once an order says that child support will go through the state, not only do the states have a lot of power, so do the feds. That'so how the account is getting transferred without either of you doing anything. Does he owe back child support from before he moved? That balance would be transferred to Florida I would imagine, and if it's arrears, it's theirs to collect, so they would report it. I would tell him it will save him thousands to spend a little money on an attorney that does family law and knows how to communicate with the child support enforcement agencies.


Another thought is that you could conceivably give him credit for a balance paid, whether he's paid it or not, and they would accept that. I wouldn't do that, since then you could never legally recover it, and it's your kid's money really, but if you have a really good relationship, or if he could, I don't know, give you collateral, or maybe sign a personal loan agreement that you can enforce in another court, then you could give him that credit so it wouldn't report through the CSEU.


But it's not your responsibility. I'm a big believer in grown-ups being responsible for their own problems. When we save other adults from the discomfort of their own learning curves, those curves take WAY longer, which just extends/postpones the discomfort.



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Re: More child support reporting questions

Check your PM in a few mins.

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Re: More child support reporting questions

Please  PM me also i am in the same boat.


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Re: More child support reporting questions

wa122805 wrote:

Please  PM me also i am in the same boat.


Hello and welcome to the forums.


Just wanted to let you know that post is over 4 years old.  You might want to start your own post.   Smiley Happy

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