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Mortgage company gone, am I safe to dispute lates?

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Re: Mortgage company gone, am I safe to dispute lates?

It was transfered to GMAC mort when there was still a balance so knowing that I looked up on GMAC's website ( it was transfered after this as well  in jan 2009 to Nationstar mortgage....Ocwen is not my current mortgage holder):


 Effective February 1, 2013, GMAC Mortgage will no longer accept new loan applications or service existing mortgages. The company's loan origination and servicing businesses have been sold and will be operated under new ownership. GMAC Mortgage will continue to process mortgage loan applications that were submitted prior to February 1 and are in active status.

We are working hard to ensure a seamless transition for our customers. The transfer of loan servicing to a new servicer does not affect any term or condition of your mortgage documents, other than those directly related to the servicing of your loan. For loans transferred to Ocwen, there will be no immediate change to your account number or payment address; only to the name of the company to which you make your payment. For loans transferred to Green Tree, please refer to your Welcome Letter for details.

In addition, for loans transferred to Ocwen all mailing addresses and phone numbers previously used to contact GMAC Mortgage remain the same. You can use them to contact us about your loan application or to contact your servicer regarding your existing account. You will continue to be served in a knowledgeable and professional manner, just as you have in the past.

If you have questions about your account, the servicing transfer or any other concerns, please call Customer Service at 1-800-766-4622 or log into your account.

If you have questions about an in-process loan application, contact your Loan Processor. If you do not have contact information for your Loan Processor, please call 1-888-651-4622.


edited to include last mortgage holder who is not Ocwen.


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Re: Mortgage company gone, am I safe to dispute lates?

In a case like this I'd definitely ask for method of verification.

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Re: Mortgage company gone, am I safe to dispute lates?

One of my earlier baddies was a bank which got taken over during the 08 crash. 

I disputed their TL on my report because it was a duplicate entry (Somehow the CRA listed the account twice.  Once under the old bank name and once under the new bank's name).


Low and behold though, the won all those disputes.  One by one the CRA's (All three) deleted the entries.

I think nobody responded to the CRA's requests to verify.


No all would be 8+ years old anyway but they all came off before the 7 year mark.


I think sometimes when a business goes under or is taken over, sometimes accounts just get lost in the transition.

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