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Mortgage post BK rebuilding advice

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Mortgage post BK rebuilding advice

Ok so i want to buy a house in 2020, after our BK7 7 hits 2 yrs Feb 22. Plan on doing FHA with NFCU  I recently baught my scores for both of us (see below)
Profile 1 is me, 2 is my wife,
1- Credit 1 900 limit
Ollo 900 limit
Capital 1 plat 3000 limit new this year
NFCU CLOC 500 limit
NFCU loan 230/3001 61 month loan so less then 8%  NEW this year
Self lender less then 240/500 be paid off before mortgage
AU on wifes store card 2500 limit survived BK so oldest card on my file.
AOA 13 months, 1% uti using AZEO, 16 inq, 7 should fall before mortgage
2- AU on credit one above 900
store card 2500 limit BK survivor
OLLO 1000
Lend up CC 2000
Capital 1 plat 2000
kohls 1000 (BK SURVIVoR)
student loans currently in forbearance due to lawsuit against scool looking for loan forgiveness, aprox 8k
Joint on the NFCU CLOC 500
AOA 4y+ (thanks to student loans, and 2 accounts surviving BK
12 inq 6 should be falling off prior to mortgage

Aside from sitting tight, and keeping everything good, am i missing any chance to boost my score? i am close to 680 mid mortgage, and would like to clear atleast that for rate purpose. Not sure what else to do maybe i have done all i can? Thanks...
fico 8
EQ 1 688 2 674
t 1 676 2 635
exp 1 689 2 652
ex 1  697 2 701
t 1 690 2 664
eq 1 636 2 648


Re: Mortgage post BK rebuilding advice

I dont see much else you can do other than refrain from apping for any new credit prior to the mortgage and work on SP CLIs.

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