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Moving on up!

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Moving on up!

When I was first establishing credit 10 years ago, I was VERY irresponsible.


4 years ago, My credit score was 337!


Judgments, charge-offs, late payments, collections, you name it, it was in my file. I basically ran away from my debts and tried to pretend they weren't there.


I started getting serious about 3 years ago. I started being proactive about student loan repayment/deferment options. I got two secured cards (USAA and Capital 1), paid on time for 2 years, and was then approved for two unsecured cards (Capital 1 Platinum and Spark).


6 months ago was approved for a Merrick Bank and a Quicksilver.


As of yesterday, all 3 scores are right around 600. 


With all balances at $0, I did an AOR and went from about $3k available credit to a little under $10k


I'll deal with the short term hit from the inquiries, but I feel like a year from now I'll be at about 700 all around. 


On my way to 800!

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Re: Moving on up!

Congrats on your progress!!!!

Starting Scores 10/14 - TU 506(loan app), EX 520 (loan app)
Current Scores - 3/2/16 - EQ 725, TU 688, EX 681
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Re: Moving on up!

This is an encouraging post especially for those who are just starting their credit repair journey. Patience and persistence is key. It may be painful in the beginning but the pure pleasure of financial freedom is priceless.

*yes I realize all the p words* ;-)

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Current Score: 580
Goal Score: 700

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Re: Moving on up!

Grats on your progress  Emoticon-Thumbs Up.png


One thing you dont want all your revolving accounts reporting 0 its a fico score drop, you want to let 1 card report a small balance each month of no more than 9% of its individual CL.

"If there's a lack of money in your life, understand that feeling worried, envious, jealous, disappointed, discouraged, doubtful or fearful about money can never bring more money to you, because those feelings come from a lack of gratitude for the money you have."

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- Rhonda Byrne

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Re: Moving on up!

Thanks for the advice.


I use all my cards regularly, and pay the balances in full each month.


I wasn't clear in my OP- my balances were all zero when I did the AOR.


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Re: Moving on up!

Great job !!! keep it up!

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Goal Score: 750 or higher across the board

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