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Multiple DV'ssent- What now?

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Multiple DV'ssent- What now?

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Re: Multiple DV'ssent- What now?

Welcome to the FICO Forums! I noticed you seem to be having some trouble posting. It is possible to edit your own post if you have posted an incomplete message. To edit your post, go to the post. To the right you'll see "Options." Click on "Options" and select "Edit Message" from the drop-down menu. If you have accidentally posted a duplicate message, you can use the “Report Abuse to a Moderator” link to asking the moderation team to remove one for you. To find this link, go to the duplicate post, click on "Options," then select "Report Abuse to a Moderator" from the drop-down menu. If you need any help with anything, let me know. Thanks for your contribution to the FICO Forums!

Also, please read the credit scoring 101 thread in my sig line.
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