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Multiple late pmts. Is it worth disputing only 1?

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Multiple late pmts. Is it worth disputing only 1?

According to Experian, I was late 8 times on my only CC account. All were 30 days.

2003 - Dec

2004 - Nov

2005 - Mar, Sep

2006 - Jan, Mar, Oct

2008 - Jun


I tried unsuccessfully to get them all removed thru goodwill dispute thru the CRAs.  (I was unemployed and my ailing father's 24/7 caregiver for 10 years.)


Now I'm thinking I should dispute the most recent one only.  The reason for that one is that I was away from home, caring for my brother while he underwent cancer treatment.


Why would I dispute only one? Because if it were removed, then the remaining late payments would be over 2 years old.



1.  Is it worthwhile to dispute only 1 late payment if I have 8 total?

2.  If I'm successful in getting it removed, would it significantly increase my credit score? (It's my only credit card.)

3.  Should I try removing the rest of the late payments via GW letter to the lender?  I dunno if my reason is valid enough for removal.


Postscript:  My father passed away in March, 2008 from complications related to ALS. After not working for over 10 years, I got employed in December, 2008. Am working hard to rebuild my credit and become a member of society once again.

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Re: Multiple late pmts. Is it worth disputing only 1?

There is no such thing as "GW dispute through the CRA".


You have no valid reason for disputing with the CRA, if the creditor is reporting correctly.


Disputing accurate information can cause multiple negative side effects.


Your only option is to send the creditor a GW letter asking them to remove the late notations from your CR.

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