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My Attempt to Avoid more Adverse Action - My plan of attack

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Re: Results - My plan of attack - 2019 AA

Congrats on the home purchase! I hope you don't get off track, you have been doing sooooooo good up to this point! Stay positive and keep at it!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Results - My plan of attack - 2019 AA (Aug Update)

Hi name is newmomnewme and I am a chronic spender. Oh how I wish that I listened to the advice you all gave to me a few months ago. 

Basically, I put my pay down plan on hold to purchase a new town house instead of waiting until my scores and down payment were where I needed them to be to get a better deal. I gave 9k to the builder, then found a single family home that I liked better....they refused to transfer the earnest money deposit to the single family (SAME builder in SAME state for both communities). 

I think I've been drowning my sorrows in travel and shopping all summer (maxed a few cards...). Sooooooo, I am starting fresh..I can call this Plan of Attack v. 2.1....I feel so stupid, but I am trying to look at these past three months as lessons learned. 

Now I know where I want to move (better school district for ds) and when I need to get started..also, 2nd job will be 2 years old in October, Navy 30-day late will be over 12 months old, and my UTIL will be much lower by next year...I can also get back on the gw removal effort for the two baddies (paid collections) dragging me into the dirty buckey.


I plan to secure financing around February 2020 and start building no later than April so we can move in before ds school year starts. Results to date: 



Chase Freedom 3350/3500 (no AA yet) 

Amex Blue 4850/5000 (no AA yet) 

Pepco Visa 5500/6000 (no AA yet) 

Cap1 Visa 7700/7750 (no AA yet)

NFCU Visa 16300/20000 (closed by CG Dec 2017) 

NavCheck 15000/15000 (no AA yet) 

PSECU Visa 15000/15000 

Mercury Card 1000/1500 (was PIF) 

Macys 600/800 (was PIF)

Amazon 150/550 (was PIF)


Installment Loans - most on direct debit autopay

PSECU Signature Loan 4500/10000

Pepco Signature Loan 5400/8000

ACE Signature Loan 7000/10000

ACE Auto Loan 12000/18000




012019 Fico8/Mortgage Score:
Current Fico8/Mortgage Score:
MyGoal Fico8/Mortgage Score:
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