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My BK is now off of all my reports!

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Re: My BK is now off of all my reports!

Congrats indeed! I know that is a great feeling!!!

BK Freeeeeeeeee!Smiley LOL

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Current Score: EX 551|TU 565|EQ 556
Goal Score: EX 620|TU 620|EQ620

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Re: My BK is now off of all my reports!

Congrats Masscredit and Hasslefree!


I'm waiting for mine to fall off.  My date is 9/23.  I did an online dipute on TU and requested an EE a few weeks ago and they took it off.  I did the same with EX and I'm still awaiting the results.  They are supposed to let me know by May 15th.  I'm guessing they will say no but I'm anticipating calling right after June 1st as that will put me in the 3 month window for EX.  I'm assuming they go by the month and not the date.  I figured I would not even try EQ.  

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Re: My BK is now off of all my reports!

Excellent, enjoy.
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Re: My BK is now off of all my reports!

@Saeren wrote:

Congratulations @masscredit! What kind of score jump did you get?

My biggest gain was when it was deleted off of my TU report. I gained 43 points. I recently took advantage of some 0% offers for a few big purchases so I haven't been maximizing my scores (TU had a high of 801). Some cards reported new balances when the BK was deleted from my EQ report so I don't have an exact number. It looks like about 26 points.  Even with balances reporting on multiple cards now, my scores are still in the 750s-760s. Feels good to be able to do that.  I'll now work on paying those balances off to try to get all of my scores over 800.

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Re: My BK is now off of all my reports!

Those aren’t small gains, congratulations!

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