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My Credit Redemption

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Re: Need Direction to Start

Just another update:


My AT&T account was dropped from my report! 5 Point increase.

My credit card with OpenSky has come in finally and I couldnt be more excited to work towards my goals and put forth a real effort. Anyone have any experience with OpenSky? How are they with reporting?


Also I signed up for the trial version from CreditCheckTotal. There are no scores for each bureau. Is this normal? I know CKarma isnt something to go by when it comes to scores so im anxious to really see. So at this point am I waiting for my CC to report?



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Re: Need Direction to Start

Credit Check Total gives you each FICO 8 score and your Experian report. Download the report and scroll down, they're in there towards bottom somewhere.
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Wow! It’s been quite sometime since I’ve updated. I’ve be...

Wow! It’s been quite sometime since I’ve updated. I’ve been hard at work creating a nice savings buffer and keeping my one CC low and Fingerhut account at $0.

I decided to check for another free month of CreditCheckTotal and it was available. I finally have a FICO scores!

Experian: 500
Equifax: 579
TransUnion: 577

I also noticed a “Personal Statement” that appears on the Equifax report. It states “there is no debt owed to Quality Recovery Credit Management account has been removed” the account(old apartment balance) still shows on my report and is still reporting as of 2 weeks ago. Is this something that will be removed all together if I were to dispute the account?

Other than that, I’m thinking about taking $1000 from my tax return and getting into having as many collections removed as possible. I’d this a good idea? I’m ready to rent my own living space and want to make sure I am ready to do so. Seeing the personal statement, I hope that my balance owed from my old apartment is done for and can be completely removed from my report.

Ideally I would like to have my collections cleaned up in the next few months. Employment is going well enough to where saving is easy for me so I would like to use what I can to help better my credit situation. I can’t wait to see it all gone!

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