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My Dad's accounts show me as authorized user, help please


My Dad's accounts show me as authorized user, help please

Let me first explain my situation. My family and I came to the USA in 1998 my Mom, Dad and I have almost identical SSN's...all the numbers are the same except the last digit.....which are 3,4,5. There has been a few times where our credit history would get mixed up. My parents are going trough a BK and my capital one account was suspended for a few weeks untill I was able to prove to them that it is not me filing for BK but my parents...again our credit got mixed up. So now the biggest problem that Im having is that 5 credit cards on my Dad's credit history are showing me as the authorized user. I have never gotten a credit card as an authorized user or even used his credit card for any purchases but its showing on my credit. My Dad was a truck driver and while on the road he would use the credit cards to fill up diesel and buy food his credit cards would get frozen or suspended because the credit card companies would think its fraud that today he used the card in Texas and tomorrow in Arizona or I would have to call to explain that he is driving all over the country and using the credit at one point we felt that best way to avoid 3 way calling and bothering my Dad while he is taking a break or sleeping is to authorize me (his son) to be able to talk to them on his behalf nothing else ...however that messed me up it added me as an authorized user I guess and now its showing bad on my credit. Do I need to hire an attorney to fix this or are there other ways of doing it. It's really frustrating my wife and I are trying to buy a house and this us holding us back. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
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Re: My Dad's accounts show me as authorized user, help please

If you are just an AU dispute them off with the CRAs. The dispute would be "I am just an authorized user, not responsible for repayment, please delete"
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