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My First PFDs

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My First PFDs


I just finished compiling all of the information in my 3 credit reports into one big master spreadsheet so that I could see all of what was going on.  I'm ready to plan my attack and think I should start with the Collection Accounts, which I have the most of.  In total there are 7 collection accounts and my first thought based on some conversation here on the message boards is to send PFD letters to get these items removed.  I'll be setting money aside as it becomes available to pay these off one-by-one.  Please see the quick descriptions of each and let me know if I'm on the right track:


- 2 medical accounts from one hospital visit that I firmly believe my insurance should have taken care of.  The amounts are fairly low, $39 and $129.  I'm thinking that I should go ahead and generate PFD letters for these two items and just pay them to get them off my reports.  Are there special circumstances that I need to consider for medical collections?   


- BoA sent a checking account that went into overdraft and was subsequently closed to collection.  This is being reported on 2 out of 3 of the CRAs and they are also reporting to ChexSystems.  The remaining balance is $347.  I think I should try to negotiate a PFD with them as well.  Anyone had any luck getting mishandled checking accounts removed with PFDs?


- Afni is reporting on a balance owed to Verizon - $378.  Can I negotiate a reduced settlement?


- Portfolio Recvry & Affil / Collect America is reporting a balance of $805.  I'm really not even sure what the heck this is.  I need to go thru all of my files to find out.


- ProCollect is reporting on a balance due to an old apartment complex.  They are reletting fees that I disagree with totaling $3,318.  I've gotten other apartments since leaving here.  Can I negotiate a reduced settlement?


- University of Phoenix is reporting a balance of $300.  I enrolled for classes there with financial aid and then dropped the classes.  Financial Aid took their money back and now the school is saying I owe them $300, which I disagree with.  The last date of activity on this was December 2004 so I'm considering waiting this one out and letting it fall off next year.


Thanks in advance for your help/feedback!




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Re: My First PFDs

Look up the posts regarding medical bills and Hippa for your medical accounts.  You will probably be able to get them removed.
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Re: My First PFDs

Please report how the Portfolio Recvry/Collect America settlement/PFD works out.  I attempted to settled with them after I discovered who they were.  After speaking with them, I typed and faxed a PFD to them with the terms agreement.  I then purchased a money order based upon the agreement.  After waiting a day and a half and  I had not received the signed letter back from them agreeing in writing to the terms.  I decided to call them.  I spoke with the CSR and manager (which I doubt was a real manager) and they denied agreeing to the amoutn which was 30% less than they reported.  Granted, I stated to them the call was recorded and I played the call back for them.  Again, they denied ever agreeing and requested payment in full.  They are still reporting and I have decided not to work with them, since they have proven t be untruthful and have decided to wait another year for the account to fall off.

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Re: My First PFDs

Hi there!

I need help with the pre-hipaa letter.  Every link that I see to the letter in the forum is broken.  Can someone help me out?

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Re: My First PFDs

Check out the following site for more information - edited


That should get you started. I'm about to start working on the process as well.

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Re: My First PFDs

Okay, step 1 is complete.  I drafted my pre-hipaa letters for the 2 medical collections that are being reported to the CRAs.  I followed the instructions as far as the letters being handwritten on personal stationery in purple or teal ink.  I plan on sending them certified mail tomorrow and will wait the 35 days for correspondence.


On to step 2...I'm working on removing my most recent non-medical collection account from my report.  I just posted a question as to whether or not I should DV or PFD and will act accordingly based on the feedback. 


I already have in my head what step 3 will be...I'm sending a DV letter to Portfolio Recvry & Affil / Collect America because I haven't a clue what they are trying to collect on. 


Step 4 will be continuing the PFD process with the remaining collection accounts as dollars become available.


I have a LONG road ahead of me...

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