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My Score Watch update!!

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My Score Watch update!!

FINALLY!!!!  a decade after slipping away from it....i am finally back in the 700 club!  well at least for my EQ score is in it.  received an email alert that told me there was a change.  when i logged it, right there in all it's told me my score went up....from 692 to 702! 


i know i's not that much over 700.  but hell...a year ago i did not even have any FAKO scores that were in the low 600s.  and like i's been about 10 years since i was last in the 700 range scores.  it just feels good knowing that even though the process was slow....all that matters in the end is a better credit and cleaner CR.  i am hoping that my TU and EX scores are as promising.  i haven't pulled a new TU waiting for my quarterly update at the end of July.  so got just a little over a month before i can see where my TU score is at.


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Re: My Score Watch update!!

Congrats. I'm hoping to be in a similar position sometime early next year.

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