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My credit journey to yes, yes, yes!

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My credit journey to yes, yes, yes!

Hello everyone,


I have been perusing this website for quite sometime and happy to finally post a little info about myself. I am in the process of rebuilding my credit after a bankruptcy (discharged dec 30, 2012). After I stubled on this website back then, I decided to start rebuilding as suggested with a secured credit card. I applied for a Cap One Secured card and was approved, which I was stunned because I had included then in my BNK. So farer having the secured card for a few months they offered me an unsecured card with a 500 cl. I was very happy about that and just worked with those cards. I believe my credit score was around 570 ( thats a guess because I remember trying to pen an account with PenFed and they would only open a savings account because of my credit maight have been a little higher arounf 580) and they said that they would eventually allow me to open a checking account if my situation improved. I just closed the account. I already bank with USAA and NFCU, so there was no need. I just wanted an account I could use as a savings account which NFCU will do just fine. Anywho I have recently been arrpoved for a Barclays NFL Rewards card last week with a CL of $500 and a Walmart Card with a CL of $400...neither have the high credit limits I want, but figured I would have to start somewhere and the new cards decreased my utilizationto 44%! I know it isnt the ideal 30%, but I am working on that.


I think I will sit tight with what I have now and will open another secured card with USAA in 6 months....I dont want to keep the secured Cap One...what do you guys think about that?


BUt what was really exciting was getting my actual FICO score which is now a 625...yay! I will be ordering my EQ Fico score soon, but I am happy with the progress I have made in a little under a year. I applied for a JC Penney card and Old Navy but they both declined me! :-(  Baby steps, Baby steps...soon enough I tell myself.


Another quick question: Does anyone have an idea of how long I should sit where I am at before applying for a new card? I have the BNK on my CBR now and will for 10 years, but I want to be able to get a card with a decent limit. How generous with CLI is Barclays and how long should I wait to apply? I plan on applying for an increase with Walmart in 5 months.


Any and all information is greatly appreciated!




Starting score: 580 (around there)

Current Score WalMart TUFICO 625


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Re: My credit journey to yes, yes, yes!

Congrats on the recent approvals and score increase! Keep it up!

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Re: My credit journey to yes, yes, yes!

Hi. Congrats on your progress!

Thanks for posting about Cap One. I just got their secured card too. I've heard mixed things about whether they do increases or switch you to unsecured, so I'm happy to know it's a possibility and maybe that will happen to me down the road as well. Smiley Wink


I can't answer your questions, but I saw you belong to NFCU. I've read such good things about them on this Board; they seem lenient and generous with their credit cards. Maybe you could try them when you decide to apply for another card.... Just a thought.

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Re: My credit journey to yes, yes, yes!

On the Cap1...if it's a credit builder card after you're 5th or 6th statement they will up your credit limit to 750. Anything after that is pure luck.

Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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