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My first DV Letter to Jefferson Capital - please approve :)


My first DV Letter to Jefferson Capital - please approve :)

First of all, wow! This board is incredible I have been reading for hours on end for the last week and trying to obsorb this wealth of information. Heartfelt thank you to all that post their success stories and everyone that helps. Now on to my question I am sending out my first DV letter - just wanted to run it by some one to get a stamp of approval.  I am not sending a PFD yet since I really don't even recognize this debt.

If I remember correctly this has to get send via post office with a CMRRR, Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested.
Jefferson  Capital LLC
16 McLeland Rd
Saint Cloud, MN 56303 2198
(800) 281-2793

 Re: Closed Collection Account # 295967XXXX

To Whom It May Concern:
I pulled my credit bureau report, and I discovered that you claim I owe you a debt. Under FDCPA 809, send me validation of this debt.
Please address all correspondence regarding this account to:

My Name
My Address



I know your time is valuable, thank you for taking the time to respond.

January 2013 @ 30 yrs old learned a hard lesson how my BAD spending history came back to bite me, now I am in journey to rebuild my credit and purchase a home in 2015.
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