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My first attempt at GW...

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My first attempt at GW...

So I got an alert from myfico today that said that my score raised 17 points. This was due to a dispute that I faxed to EQ not too long ago because they had one of my rehabilitated loans still reported as a 120 collection and I emaile the Department of Education, who told me that it was my responsibility to dispute it if it was being reported inaccurately. So I started thinking to myself: "self, if that change can boost me up 17 points, just think of what would happen if I got these 3 other paid collections removed -- and if, by chance, I could talk ocwen into removing the tradeline from the short sale of my house 4 years ago." So I started writing GW letters. I sent one to each CA, and two to ocwen -- one general one to whom it may concern, and one directed to the Executive VP/CFO. Wish me luck! 700, here I come..I

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WalMart: ||15k|| USAA Platinum MC: ||26k|| BCE: ||9k|| Chase Freedom Siggy: ||10k|| Discover it: ||6.5k|| SG Visa: ||11k||
USAA World MC: ||23k|| US Bank Cash+ Siggy: ||7.5k|| Citi TYP World MC: ||12k|| Barclays Arrival World MC: ||13k||Citi Double Cash World MC ||25k||Sallie Mae World MC ||18.8k||Fico Scores (3 Fico Monitoring): EQ 751,TU 749, EX 743. Last app: 9-12-14 Sallie
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Re: My first attempt at GW...

No worries....i just sent my first one today as well....



good luck to ya

"just trying to get my credit up..."
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