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My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

About 5 years ago I paid a credit card debt that had been transferred to a collection agency. Even though I paid the debt in settlement, the mark was still having a negative effect on my credit report so I sent the following letter to the collection agency:

June 17, 2008
Compucredit DBA Jefferson Capital System
16 McLeland Rd
Saint Cloud, MN 56303

RE: (my name)
Original Client: Aspire Visa

To Whom It May Concern:

In 2001 I opened an Aspire Visa account and according to my credit report, your company purchased the debt in 2003. Even though I dispute the validity of the $410.64 debt, I did agree to settle and make a payment of $246.38 which was 60% of the total. At the time I worked with Larry Allen to carry the settlement through and I have included the settlement letter, copies of the checks I used to pay and a statement from Wachovia bank that shows the checks posted and cleared from my account.

Since it has been almost five years since this occurred, and I paid the settlement I was offered just as promised, could you please completely remove your record from all of my credit reports or send me a letter authorizing the removal? I am in the process of trying to buy a car and I have no negative marks on my reports anymore besides this one. In fact, I only have a mortgage and students loans, all of which are in good standing. I would so greatly appreciate your help and understand that any correspondence and assistance you give me would be out of your kindness and good will.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide to affect to your decision and please also to contact me by phone or email if need be. Thank you.


Yesterday I got the following letter from them dated June 26:

Dear (my name),
We have received your dispute concerning the tradeline information on your credit bureau report for the above referenced account. This account had an original account number of: XXXXX from Aspire Visa. We have deleted the account from your credit files at Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. Please allow 30-60 days for the credit bureaus to update your records.

Sandy, Account Services

I am SO excited that my GWL worked! In about 60 days I will pull new reports to make sure the record has been deleted and if it hasn't, I have the letter which I can use to dispute. Thanx to everyone here on the forums for your great suggestion son GWL and PFD! Hopefully, this will help someone, too. Smiley Happy
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Re: My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

Nice letter.................thanks for sharing it.

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Re: My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

WTG! Smiley Very HappySmiley Very HappySmiley Very Happy
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Re: My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

Smiley Happy Congratulation!!!

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Re: My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

They had to remove it because of the ftc ruling against them from 2008.
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Re: My goodwill letter worked!!! (example enclosed)

That post was from 2008.


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