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My wife is on her way to good credit!!!

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My wife is on her way to good credit!!!

Her scores are 512 EQ, 533 EX and 592 TU. She has a ton of baddies, mostly collections. Paid one of those collections off yesterday with a promise to delete from CR. She's been added as an authorized user for most of my cards. She also has a semi secured Mastercard from Capital One. Today she expressed to me how apprehensive she is toward her credit getting better and how my credit is much better but still on the bad side. She was also displeased with how many credit cards I have versus her. I told her that if we pay our cards off (well...keeping a very small balance) before the due date and continue to make on-time payments with everything, credit will recover and just takes time. We are working on her collections as well. She has about a dozen collections we need to take care of in a year's time to buy a house. Some of the collections will be deleted and some will not but will still need to be paid or settled per loan officer. We're not going to open any more secured cards for her as we need to pay these collections (most of them are newer) and I feel the authorized user cards will take the place of that. My wife does not qualify for virtually any credit card at this time, retail or other unsecured revolving credit lines. Like I said, just paid off one of her collections yesterday and am feeling very confident that we can get her where she needs to be. I just felt like I needed to share this with everyone. I have lived with bad credit most of my life (making poor financial choices) and now have seven revolving lines of credit. I'm still working with my secured cards but am slowly emerging into the unsecured arena. Life is getting better!! Does anyone have any suggestions??? Thanks, Brandon
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Re: My wife is on her way to good credit!!!

:Smiley Tonguelease tell your wife that everything will be just fine with time.It's funny how credit works, it only takes one late or miss payment to turn good credit to bad but, it seems to take forever to recover from the mistakes. With a good support system by her side, she will soon prevail.My credit was HORRIBLE for many years because it was a time i just didn't care about credit, but it is sooooooo very important and is much needed in order for some of us to have nice things. You'll have your home in no time:-)

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