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NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??


NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??

I DV'd NCO Fin/99 CMRRR and received my GC back saying unable to deliver to the address provided.

I took the address directly off a credit report:
PO Box 41466
Philadelphia, PA 19101-1466

Are there any of you familiar with NCO Fin/99 and know any alternate address I could possibly resend this to?
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Re: NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??

NCO Financial Systems, Inc.
507 Prudential Road
Horsham, PA 19044
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Re: NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??

If you DVd them. then you must have received a dunning letter from the CA.

If you responded to the address in their dunning letter, then your CMRRR DV response is adequate legal proof, and should shut down all collection activity.  Keep copies!

NCO is not noted for its complance with the FDCPA.


It is not your burden to hunt them down.

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Re: NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??

you can DV as soon as you see the tradeline appear on your credit report - it is collection activity and constitutes contact with the customer.


send the DV letter to the Horsham, PA addresss, it's their corporate and legal office. include copy of the original one and the undeliverable notice.


you can also send CMRRR the copy of undeliverable notice to the CRA and tell them that it is a violation of the FCRA to publish the wrong or undeliverable address of a creditor.


you can use these GC as proof should you sue later.

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Thank you MyFico!
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Re: NCO Fin/99 Alternate address??

I'm glad I read this! I was about to stick a couple PFD's in the mail to the same PO box address that you had. Thanks for inadvertantly helping me get the correct address before I sent them out! Smiley Happy
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