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NCO Financial suggestions?

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NCO Financial suggestions?

I have a collection on my credit report for a debt that wasn't included in the schedule F of my bankruptcy because I was told I didn't owe anything. It was an account that was originally with Verizon. It took me months to get them to disconnect my account and they told me I shouldn't owe anything. Account was finally closed in October-November of 2008 with what I thought was $0 owed. I filed for bankruptcy in March 2009, discharged in May 2009. Only after my bankruptcy discharged did they send me a bill for $121 for this account that was closed in November of 2008 at the latest. At the time I ignored it because I assumed they would figure out the bankruptcy thing, and they did, they adjusted my account to say included in bankruptcy. But, in December of 2011 they apparently sold the debt to someone else, NCO financial. They have never sent me any written correspondence. I sent them a DV letter and got no reponses, that was several weeks ago. I filed a complaint with the BBB 2 weeks ago that they also haven't responded to. What should my next move be? I'm afraid of disputing it with the credit bureaus because I think they'll just verify it without even looking at it.

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