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NFCU Graduated my card!!!!

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Re: NFCU Graduated my card!!!!


 I tried immediately after they unsecured the card and was denied. I asked for recon and they still said no.


My overall utilization was low but an emergency just came up so back to the starting point.   A debt that was about to age off, just decided to sue me.  Its around $7k, so Im attempting to make a payment arrangement with them.


I have 4 payment arrangements going with Portfolio Recovery ,  2 small  ones with outside companies and now this one ( if they agree).   Its stressful but Im able and have a great job.  By next year mid summer, my credit should be at a better place with most of the debt gone.



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Re: NFCU Graduated my card!!!!

It’s awesome you have a plan! Looking forward to reading your future success 😃
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Re: NFCU Graduated my card!!!!

Congrats on the graduation!

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Re: NFCU Graduated my card!!!!

Congrats! NFCU is going to be my next go to for credit. I was going to go with BOFA but this site has helped change my mind. Keep up the great work! You got this!

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