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NFCU after IIB Chapter 13

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NFCU after IIB Chapter 13

So, my bankruptcy ended month before last, rebuilding, Cap 1, Kohl's and a few larger limit Comenity cards later I thought let me see if NFCU will approve me for a low limit card to start with since I was with them before and been a member since 2008.  Now, I did include them in my Ch 13, but they were paid back at 100%, a little over $33,000.  I apply and get a "do not meet lending criteria" decline.  OK, let me message them and see exactly why the decline.  The message I receive back says they have a loss due to me and the bankruptcy and until that's paid they can't extend credit.  


Am I missing something here?  There should be no loss on their part, they got all their money back...A LOT of money, in a much shorter time frame than a normal Ch 13.  


Does anyone know what NFCU may think they are owed?  I called but that dept only works M-F.

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Re: NFCU after IIB Chapter 13

When you File Bankruptcy a FLAG is placed on your internal bank record... this flag marks your account as such and prevents them from violating the automatic stay and you from obtaining credit.    They assume they WILL NOT be repaid 100%.   The only way to have this removed is to speak with that department.

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Re: NFCU after IIB Chapter 13

It can be done, you may have to wait some time but you can re-establish.

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