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I see a LOT of people on here talking about how great NFCU is.  I got my membership approved today and Im wondering if there is anything I can do with them that will help my credit?  I have a 493 credit score with NO ccs.  10 good student loans, and a bunch of collections/chargeoffs.


Is there anything they offer that might work for me?



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Re: NFCU??

With a score that low you might want to ask them about either a secured credit card and/or a secured loan to try to build a relationship with them.

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Re: NFCU??

I am one of the few but I didn't care for them.   My scores were higher and I couldn't get anything from them.  It may be different for you now, as it was several years ago.



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Re: NFCU??

I would ask for a secured card first from them, then work my tail off to repair/rebuild my credit. The way it was explained to me when I applied for my secured card with them was that they would not deny a person for asking them to hold their money and make it accessible through a credit card. That was my main concern because so many others had denied me even though it was a secured card I was requesting. With NFCU, not so much I guess. But YMMV. I say this because of where your scores are now. When I app'd for my secured card, my score was about 545.

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