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NY 5 year FCRA

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NY 5 year FCRA

I have a paid collection on my EX credit report that hit the five year mark yesterday (based on my statement). I had paid the bill two months ago but the CA only changed the tradeline to paid, collection even though I paid the OC directly. I had planned to dispute the account but I am sure EX will not let me dispute it again online.


This is a paid medical bill and I was wondering if I should start the HIPAA process or just see if EX will delete the account based on the NYS 5 year reporting max for paid collections?


Also, I had previously has a paid collection account on EX last year and at the 5 year mark, they actually changed it a positive account. I contacted them and had them remove the collection accout all together. I wonder if they will do this to this collection account.....

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Re: NY 5 year FCRA

Did you dispute it?

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