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NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

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NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

I had a Diner's Citi card I opened back in 2006 and entered into 120 days late by 09/2006.  It went to collection and I paid in full in 09/2006 and the account was closed by 11/2006.  Being a NY resident, is it worthwhile to submit disputes to Equifax & Experian to see if they will remove the closed account from my CR ?  TransUnion has already removed it, and it seems to be having a huge impact on my credit score (i.e. my TU score is 764 and my EQ score is 702).  Thoughts?


Date Opened: 03/2006

Date of First Delinquency: 09/2006

Date Reported: 03/2006

Comments: Paid collection, Account closed by credit grantor


Let me know if I need to provide any other information that would be helpful.




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Re: NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

If you are not going to be applying for credit in the next few months I would say go ahead.

Or you can try GW.

It shouldn't harm anything. Maybe help ;-)


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Re: NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

Since your DOFD is 9/2006, I would wait until the first week of October before asking the CRAs to remove it. If still on, I would mail in a dispute with a highlighted copy of the NYS statute that shows the 5-yr rule. Sometimes the CRAs forget that.


BTW, recheck your dates. If the DOFD is 9/2006 you cannot be 120 days late on 9/2006. DOFD would be earlier, assuming you didn't bring it current. If you pull your reports from annualcreditreport, EQ should list the DOFD. EX does not list it but should list a drop off date. If you are 100% positive you were 120 days late in 9/2006 and you didn't make the account in good standing after that, then your DOFD should be 5/2006, or two months after you opened the CC.

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Re: NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

You may be on to something, as I think my DOFD with EQ & EX may be off.   I happen to have pulled all 3 reports from annualcreditreport earlier this morning.  Here are the findings copied directly out of my EX & EQ report.  Unofrtunately, EX does not list a drop off date.


After you review below, do you think my DOFD should be 5/2006 ?  If so, should I file a disput to get that fixed?  Let me know what you think after reviewing below...


From EX report:

Account History: Collection as of Nov 2006

120 days past due as of Sep 2006

90 days past due as of Aug 2006

60 days past due as of Jul 2006, Jun 2006



From EQ report:


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Re: NY resident inquiring about Diners collection from '06

You wouldn't want the DOFD fixed. You'd want the TL off. I'd claim that it is past NY's CRTP via a dispute. BTW, I'm not from NY so read the statute carefully. A doubt creeped in my head that maybe the 5 yr clock starts ticking from the date of the CO vs. DOFD. I really can't remember. The statute would be clear on that though. You can always submit it to the CRAs and let them decide that.



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