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National Auto Finance Goodwill letter


National Auto Finance Goodwill letter

Any goodwill success stories with National Auto Finance? It appears that the parent company is called Ally Financial Inc.


I took out the loan June 2008. Had 17 on time payments then my husband was laid off of work and we had 9 late payments. A couple of those were upwards of 60 days. As soon as we got back on track, we rushed to close out the loan sending them a final payment of $9,420 in August 2010.


I sent a very nicely worded goodwill letter about 45 days ago, no response. But I'd like to give this another shot. Seems like there is a good chance since the loan was satisfied in full and years before it was due.


I sent my original letter to a National PO Box in Minnesota. But when I actually do a search on NAF, I get a company called Ally Financial.


Any ideas or guidance at this stage? I see that the CEO of Ally is a Michael A. Carpenter but haven't located a physical or E-mail address yet and I don't know if that approach is appropriate anyway.


Thank you. 

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