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National Credit Adjusters

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National Credit Adjusters

So I have been stewing over a collection from National Credit Adjusters for a year and a half.  

I had no intentions of paying this and waiting for it to age off (next year), or get sold.


I had to pay it though today, as a requirement for a business license, and when I called to pay it, They put in the payment letter that in 60 to 90 days the debt will be deleted from the bureas! I was super surprised! I hope that other people can get them deleted too! 

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Re: National Credit Adjusters

I've dealt with them twice in the past and they're pretty good with removing themselves from reports. 

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Re: National Credit Adjusters

Excellent news!  Does that mean all baddies are now off your credit report?

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Re: National Credit Adjusters

Wow that's an interesting DP. Thank you for sharing!

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Re: National Credit Adjusters

I actually read somewhere else, about a year ago, that they were bad about not doing PFD.  The DoFD is 8/16, so I don't think it's worth it to even open it up now and I should just let it fall off though.  TU already EE it for me and EXP should fall off in 5/23. 


Glad to hear that they are doing that now! I wish I had known!

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Re: National Credit Adjusters

They were the worst to deal with! They refused me several times and said it was against thier policy (which must have changed)!  So happy to be done with them!

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