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Navient Lates & Forbearance


Navient Lates & Forbearance

I recently went through bankruptcy, leaving only my student loans left on my credit report, which are in need of attention. They are currently reporting as 120+ days late, as I was unable to pay them beginning last year. Following the advice of some bloggers, I sent Navient a goodwill request, only to be denied under the FCRA because it is "accurate information."


Just today, I requested a forebearance for financial hardship due to bankruptcy, and was asked the date I would like it to begin and end. I pre-dated the begin date to the date of the first late payment, with the end date being in a few months from now. I wonder if they'll allow a back dated forebearance? Anyone have any knowledge of this?

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Re: Navient Lates & Forbearance

Retroactive forebearance is permissible provided the student loan is not in default.

Default, as applied to federal student loans, is a specific status that accrues when the loan has reached 270 days delinquent.


The post states that the loan is reporting as 120+ late.

Is the "+" now 270 days or more?  Do you know if they are legally holding the loan to be in default under the Higher Education Act?



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Re: Navient Lates & Forbearance

First, thank you for the response!


As of today, two of the loans are 192 days past due, while the other two are 253 days past due. The next due date for all four loans is in 22 days, which would push two of the loans past the default threshold by 5 days. I submitted a request for forebearance today, though.

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