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Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

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Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

Hello all,


I posted this in the credit card forum, but didn't get much advice.  I'm hoping to hear from anyone who was approved for NFCU rewards card with BK 7. 


Here's my situation:


BK 7 discharged 10/2010


CC's:  Cap One (non-secured) $1500, Cap One (secured) $458, PrimeWay FCU Visa ($1000)


Auto Loan with PrimeWay FCU 2.99% 60 mo $15K.(started off with Honda Finance 1 yr after BK at 18%) refied with PWFCU 2 months ago


Conn's store card, approved for $4500 in 9/2012 only used $2800 with 0% interest, balance will be paid off in August


DTI about 9%



617 (EQ Fako)

630 (CK Fako)

643 (CS Fako)

32% utilization currently reporting but just paid off last remaining balance so utilization should drop to 2% in the next few days with an increase in scores.


1 collection on Equifax ($100 med bill that was included in BK) and 3 collections on Transunion (all included in BK).  No collections on Experian.


Opened NFCU account last week...anyone with NFCU BK 7 approval?  I want to apply for $5K NFCU rewards card.  Should I wait a bit or apply now?


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Re: Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

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Re: Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

Thanks. Do you think the collections (all included in BK) will trigger a denial?

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Re: Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

Not sure.  You can always call them and ask what they look for in your scores and on your reports.

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Re: Navy FCU rewards CC after BK 7?

I would say to wait until your updated utilization reports and then apply for either the nRewards (SEEMS to be easiest ymmv) or the cashRewards. I got my cashRewards 5 months post BK7. They will always counter with the secured nRewards which has the potential of unsecuring at a year so it's worth it. Good luck and keep us posted Smiley Happy

Filed BK7: 7/2012 (start score EQ 560 / TU 529) Discharge 10/2012
730 EQ FICO 11/2017
750 TU FICO 11/2017
735 EX FICO 11/2017
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