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Need Advice! Please Help

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Re: Need Advice! Please Help

lo_nc84 wrote:

Good. The CC's are going on 6 years and are set to fall off in 2014. I have 3 will that drastically help my score? Do I start working on the $2500 medical bill or the judgement from the apartment complex? Since the judgement is shared am I still liable for the entirety of the $3200. Probably so.

Yes, the creditor can bring suit against all parties and for the same amount.  They can't collect more than the award.


How long has it been since the medical?  If you contact the OC they may be able to help with some kind of financial aid.

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Re: Need Advice! Please Help

They filed it in 4/2012 (medical) the apartment judgement was 11/2011. Originally all I received was a notice of judgement won for around $700 now its stated as $3185 with the original amount listed for $2900. I just never received anything besides the $700 which I planned on paying with my tax return. Then I noticed my report stating I owed them $3185. Its a judgement which they've already sued me so besides it falling of my credit in 7 years if I don't pay it I will always owe it?

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Re: Need Advice! Please Help

Since you don't have to pay the cards any time soon I would suggest cutting a deal about the judgment, since they can garnish your wages.

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