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Need Help Bad!

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Need Help Bad!

Can an experienced vet on these forums tell me what I need to do to fix my situation???


To whomever helps me I lost my job of 10 years and I am struggling to get back on my feet, I just started a new job in december to make ends meet until my business gets off the ground but I am fighting a hard battle. Please note I was behind on my mortgage and I am in the process of reaffirming my mortgage. They are going to refinance my home, Regions told me after I made the three good faith payments of 874.25 they will proceed with the process in march. I dont know if that will erase the current mortgage issues and start new or what. At least i keep my home and thats the most important thing.



Public Records


1. Ch13 Bankruptcy Dismissed, Filed 07/01/2011, Dismissed 10/11/2011, Removal Date 06/2018

2. Ch13 Bankruptcy Dismissed, Filed 02/02/2006, Dismissed 06/30/2011, Removal Date 01/2013


Adverse Accts.


1. CARAMEL FINANCIAL, Bal=$0, Date Updated 12/01/2011, High Balance $3523, Last Payment 06/02/2005, Pay Status=Account included in CH13, Revolving Account, Terms=Minimum $49, Date Opened=04/13/2005, Date Closed=08/01/2011, Removal Date=04/2012

2. CARAMEL FINANCIAL, Bal=$2218, Date Updated 02/28/2006, High Balance $2400, Past Due=$314, Last Payment 06/02/2005, Pay Status=Charged Off, Installment Account, Terms= $49 monthly for 48 months, Date Opened=04/13/2005, Date Closed=12/31/2005, Removal Date=04/2012

3. CONS REC SYS, Bal=$75, Date Updated=09/05/2011, Original Amount=$75, Past Due=$75, Last Payment=04/27/2007, Pay Status=In collection, Account Type=Open Account, Removal Date=06/2014

4. FIRST PREMIER BANK, Bal=$0, Date Updated=08/21/2011, High Bal=$397, Credit Limit=$300, Pay Status=Included in ch13, Account type=Revolving, Date Opened=12/08/2009, Date Closed= 03/30/2010, Removal Date=12/2016

5. FIRST PREMIER BANK, Bal=$0, Date Updated=04/11/2008, High Balance=$458, Credit Limit=$300, Last Payment=01/29/2008, Pay Status=Account paid in full, was a charge off, Account Type=revolving, Date Opened=04/12/2007, Date Closed=05/16/2007, Date Paid=01/29/2008, Removal Date=05/2014

6. FROST ARNETT COLLECTION, Bal=$292, Date Updated=12/08/2011, Original Amount=$292, Past Due=$292, Pay Status=In Collection, Account Type=Open account, Removal Date=12/2012

7. HSBC AUTO FINANCE, Bal=$0, Date Updated=10/10/2005, High Bal=$21087, Last Pay=11/29/2005, Pay Status=Charged off, Account Type=Installment, Terms=$525/mth for 72mths, Date Opened=08/30/2002, Date Closed=10/810/2005, Removal Date= 09/2012

8. HSBC BANK, Bal=$0, Date Updated=01/31/2006, High Bal=$708, Credit Limit=$0, Last Payment=12/02/2005, Pay Status=Charged Off, Account Type= Revolving, Date Opened=03/05/2003, Date Closed=08/17/2005, Date Paid=12/02/2005, Removal Date=02/2012

9. PLAINS COMMERCE BANK, Bal=$315, Date Updated=01/06/2009, High Bal=$334, Credit Limit=$250, Past Due=$315, Last Payment=07/10/2008, Pay Status=Charged off, Account type=revolving, Date opened=05/05/2008, Date Closed=09/08/2008, Removal Date=08/2015

10. SANTANDER CONSUMER USA, Bal=$0, Date Upda/ted=11/30/2011, High Bal=$24473, Last payment=03/22/2011, Pay Status=included in ch13, Account Type=installment, Terms=$2354 monthly for 72 mths, Date opened=11/28/2004, Date Closed=11/30/2011, Removal Date 11/2017

11. UNITED CONSUMER FIN SVC, Bal=$0, Date updated=10/20/2005, High Bal=$1433, Pay Status= 60days past due, Account Type=installment, Terms=$39mthly for 36mths, Date Opened=06/13/2005, Date Closed=10/20/2005, Removal Date=08/2012

12. UP/REGIONS, Bal=$0, Date Updated=11/07/2011, High Bal=$118247, Last Payment=03/15/2011, Pay Status=Included in ch13, Account type=mortgage, Terms=$1011mthly for 360mths, Date opened=06/14/2004, Removal date=07/2012


Satisfactory Accts.


1. CREDIT ACCEPTANCE CORP, Bal=0, Date uupdated=10/01/2002, High Bal=$10949, Last Pay=09/01/2002, Pay Status= Current paid as agreed, Account type=installment, Terms=$304mthly for 36mths, Date Opened= 08/01/2000

2. DIRECT LOAN SVC SYSTEM, Bal=$0, Date Updated=09/30/2011, High Bal=$34750, Last Pay=09/01/2002, Pay Status=unrated, Account Type Installment, Terms=$483for 120mths, Date Opened=06/15/2009, Date Closed=09/30/2011




Experian has included my Child Support which I know nothing can be done but pay up the child support and I am past due $3020 which I am sure they will recover that when I file my income taxes.



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