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Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

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Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

Hello Everyone, I'm new to the forum and looking to start rebuilding my credit. When I was 18 years old (6 years ago) I got a CC (Wells Fargo Student Card) and maxed it out ($1000 limit) and could not pay for it at the time so I let it go back and eventually charged off. I then got a car through a "Buy here pay here" place and they never reported it, nor did i care at the time but now I wish I would have. I also had a Care Credit CC and had all my payments on time and had the account for about 4 years but they closed it because I stopped usuing it, but was in good standing. Eventually I got a Capital One Secured Card but was not able to make the payments and it ended up as a charge off as well. I also have student loans for $12,000 but never a late payment on those. So now I currently have a Citi Secured CC and a Capital One QS1 CC ($500 limit b/w both) to try and help build my credit. I also have about 8 inquires from looking at car dealerships (wish i didnt do that but oh well you got learn sometimes)


I'm currently 25 years old and have a 600 Credit score with TU and Equifax on Credit Karma and 555 Fico through Discover Scorecard. I tried to get a car a few months ago but the interest rates offered were too high and decided to wait. Now I'm looking to try and help my credit as much as I can so I can work on getting a car within the next few months as I have a decent job now (45k/yr). My question is there anything I can do to help boost my scores a little quicker? I know rebuilding credit takes time, but just wanted to see if there are any tips to help my situation out? I figure leave the WF CO alone as it will fall off next year but should I pay the Cap One CO considering I do have another card with them now?  Also should I try and get more cards or just sit tight and let my credit work itself out? I also thought about hiring Lexington Law to help but might not enough for them to do. I know it is almost impossible to get a PFD from Cap one as well so just want to know my options and if anyone may have some tips for me, it would be greatly appreciated. 



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Re: Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

Welcome to the boards.

I would not suggest hiring anyone , you can do most anything yourself with researching online and asking questions here.

Credit Karma are vantage scores and are not used by most lenders. I would get your actual FICO scores but I would think they are probably close to your Experian score.

I would probably do nothing with WF either as they will age off, cap one doesn't normally delete for payment either, but they may settle for less. A paid negative is better than unpaid.

I would keep your current 2 cards and let them age and you could try open sky and it is secured but they don't pull your credit. Pay all But one in full and let a small amount post on one.

Rebuilding takes time.

Good luck
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Re: Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

Okay thank you!


Would you rccomend Self Lender loans at all?


I'm more interested in building credit rather than have an actual credit card but will look into open sky as well!

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Re: Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

Welcome,The best things to do is use your two cc's and student loans to make monthly on time payments.You have a great variety so  that's a plus.Pay cc utilization to 1-6%.Don't apply for any more cc's and learn the azeo method for when you have to open a new credit account.Build a long history and you will get better cc's in time.As the derogatory information ages and becomes old, along with this positive behaviour you Fico score will improve over time.GOOD LUCK...

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Re: Need Help Rebuilding The Little Bit Of Credit I Have

@Skryan wrote:


Would you rccomend Self Lender loans at all?

Normally Self Lender is a good option for those that need an installment loan on their report. However, you already have student loans so SL is not needed in your case. 


Rebuild Cards

Goal Cards


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