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Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

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Re: Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

Hi Heather,

Yes, I just learned that a Title IV letter could be requested so that I am eligible for Financial Aid again.  I've already made the request so that the letter can be sent right after my 6th payment is posted.  I'm thrilled about that but kind of scared at the possibility of not finding a lender to take on my loans after my rehabilitation program is completed.  From what I understand, the loans continue to show as "defaulted" if a lender does not take them on.

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Re: Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

Hi Thinid,

Thanks for your advice on this!  I reached out to the management company and was told that they would be confirming that any/all eviction cases that were filed against me are dismissed.  She did say though that when they file an eviction it is a matter of public record and that neither the management company, nor the courts, report this information to the CRAs - that an outside company does.  ???  However, looking at my credit reports, the items show under the Public Records but are identified specifically as Judgments.  Anyway, I was told that they would making sure that any cases filed are dismissed thru the court and that I would be provided with a letter to submit to the CRAs and that is the most they can do. 


Will this resolve the issue or will I need to go ahead and contact the court?  I never received any kind of fat envelope from the county clerk.  Just the original papers that were served by a peace officer that said when to show at court.  After paying rent + fees prior to the court date, I was told by the complex that the case was dropped and that I no longer needed to show.  I guess I should have confirmed with the court at that time.  Late rent is only accepted via cashier's check or money order.  I paid via money order and don't know if I still have the little slip that showed what I paid b/c it's been so long ago...I'll have to request records from the complex. 

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Re: Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

Update on Public Records/Judgments:

The apartment complex confirmed that all eviction filings had been dismissed.

I spoke to the court directly and they too confirmed that all eviction filings had been dismissed.  I'm going by there Monday morning to pick up a copy of the dismissal orders. 


Next step, dispute the Judgments with the CRAs.  I'm still unclear on how dismissed eviction filings are being reported as Judgments.  From what I understand in speaking to the property managers (and to my sister who is in multi-family property management), eviction filings are in fact public record but they show with no corresponding dollar amount.  What's showing on my reports are actually identified as judgments and have the dollar amount of my rent listed.  Very strange...but I'm going to get to the bottom of it!

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Re: Need Help - Where Do I Even Begin???

Unfortunately that is the problem with rehabilitation right now.   I work for a guarantee agency, we're only able to key about 50 or so rehabs a week right now, and thats IF we have any lenders with money.  3 years ago we were doing several hundred a week.  Eventually the market will open again.  In the mean time, keep your payments up and make sure your paperwork is ready to go.

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