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Need Help with Incorrect DOFD

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Need Help with Incorrect DOFD



So I need some help getting a TL deleted from TU and EX that is past 7 (7.5) yrs.  Long story short, I had a student loan through Wells Fargo that I defaulted on in Jan. 2001.  They then transferred the acct. to the CA (Calfiornia Student Aid Commission) in Aug. 2002.  As a result, there were two TLs in my reports, one for Wells, and one for CSA.


The Wells TL has correctly fallen off all reports, but the CSA is still on two of my CRs because they think the DOFD is Aug. 2002 (not Jan. 2001).


I looked through my old reports and TU actually had it correct at one point, but since then on subsequent reports, the removal date has moved around, originally it showed 10/2008, then 07/2009, then 08/2009


I called CSA a few months back to get them to update the TL because when I disputed with the CRAs, it came back as accurate. CSA doesn't have a clue how the DOFD works and insist, as far as their concerned, the DOFD is Aug. 2002 


So, I called the OC (Wells) and had them draft a letter which states when my acct. went into default.  Once I get this as proof of the correct DOFD, what should I do?


In case it matters, the TL is showing as a paid CO on my reports and, as of now, due to fall off in August.



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