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Need Some Serious Help PLEASE! PFD? Bankruptcy?


Need Some Serious Help PLEASE! PFD? Bankruptcy?

I had my SSN used by my ex BF family to open numerous credit cards. I have been fighting this for years and have tried everything. I have written the letters, disputed online and have even made payments. I have been sued my Midland. I went to court 2 days after having a C section. My legal representation caved and agreed to a payment plan since my job was on the line {I also agreed since I was on high amounts of pain medication+thought I wouldn't have a job to return to}. Some of the accounts I've paid are still being sold, they reappear and have different opening dates. I have been dealing with this mess for years. I can't build my credit BC no one wants to give me a credit card or loan. My husband is a stay at home Dad, works full time, goes to school full time and is a Marine veteran. We are eligible for the VA loan but he doesn't make enough money to qualify for a home. I make the money but can't get my credit out of the toilet. A USSA financial advisor told me to try PFD. The only thing is.I already paid! I have no leverage now. If I would have gone bankrupt the day I found out about this mess I'd be buying a house right now. Instead I was reassured it could be fixed. I seriously need some help on what to do. Me, My husband and my child will be homeless soon. I am open to any suggestions or advice. Thank you.

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Re: Need Some Serious Help PLEASE! PFD? Bankruptcy?

Your legal representation failed you miserably.  You should have went to the local police station and filed identity theft reports and sent those in.

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