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Need a refresher

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Need a refresher

I had a long disputed collection account age off several months ago.  I'll spare the details but it's a disputed balance I have no intention of paying. 


I received a notice the other day advising Calvary has contracted another company to collect for the debt.  I don't think i've heard of a CA contracting out another CA to collect. 


Can someone give me a refresher on the DOFD rules?  The claimed debt is literally 10 years.  Can a new agency list it on my report? 

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Re: Need a refresher

DoFD is date of first delinquency reported by the OC.  The CA also must use the same DoFD.  If it was never given to them they have to make a good faith effort to obtain it from the OC.  If they can't they are allowed to make up their own.  The date they use has to be before the acquired the debt.


If the debt is past the 7.5 years as defined in the FCRA, it cannot be listed on your CR.  If it is it is reaging and you would have to prove the DoFD.


With all that said, if the disputed collection aged off, no, a new CA cannot legally report it.


Yes, it is very common for a CA that owns a debt to assign it to another to collect.

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Re: Need a refresher



They can and often do shuffle debts between many CAs.  However this doesn't restart anything.  It goes by the DOFD from the OC so no matter what a CA does, they cannot legally reage the debt to reapply it to your CR.

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