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Need advice on Rebuilding credit

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Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Hello all, this is my first time using this forum. I have worked on clearing past debt and got my scores up to Exp-640 Equ-680 Trans 700. I have a short credit file and the following credit cards/limits
NFCU Rewards-500
Capital one-300
Walmart MC-300
Victoria’s Secret-350
Care Credit 2500
All my credit cards are pretty new- below 30 percent utilization. How do I get these cards to grow and get approved for better cards?? Please I need advice on my next step in rebuilding my credit! The only thing I have on my credit besides these credit cards are student loans which are 80k. I’m waiting until I get to my third nfcu statement and apply for my 2nd cc In hopes of getting a higher credit card and a CLI on my first. Please advise if this is ideal!!
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Based on your starting limit with Navy, I would speculate 6 months wait time would improve your odds at a higher SL on the 2nd card. It'll build up more history with them.

You need time. Let your cards age.

Are you on credit steps with Capital One?
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit


From what you've shared in this post, time is what's needed most.

You can gain a few extra points by only allowing one account to report a balance (less than 8.9%).

I'm not sure how Capital One is going to dish out CLI's on the Walmart card, its been my experience that for their other cards they want lots of spend and regular large payments to offer a CLI.

Comenity requires 6 months before allowing a CLI on Victoria Secret cards (at least it used to).

CareCredit didn't budge for me (via online request) until it was 6 months old, others have called Credit Solutions same day of approval and received 20k CLI's. YMMV

I have no experience with NFCU, so can't offer any firsthand knowledge.

Pretty sure you've reached the point that patience is what is needed more than adding anymore credit cards. Allowing your current cards to age while using and paying responsibly will help tremendously at higher credit limits on future card's.
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Great thank you for the advice what is credit steps?
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Thank you!! That’s what I plan on doing just pay responsibility. Patience is so important it’s like I want to see immediate results. I don’t plan on applying for any more cards
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Good plan. As stated, pay off all but one card, and that one with a balance should carry only $10 or so to report when the statement cuts, at which time you pay it off, rinse, and repeat. This is called AZEO, All Zero Except One. It can be worth 10-15 points on your profile.

Credit steps is when they offer you a credit line that will increase after 5 on-time payments. Those cards typically don’t grow too well beyond the Steps increase.

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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

Yes, they offered me a clii after 5 on time payments. I will start paying down my credit cards and use one minimum. Thanks again for the advice I’ll keep you posted
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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

don't app for anything else right now, just work on raising your existing limits on your nfcu and carecredit cards. ask for cli's on all the cards but these are the ones that can grow big limits. also forget all about 30% utilization, try to keep it under 6%.



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Re: Need advice on Rebuilding credit

+1 to having patience, yo.  It really is difficult to be patient when one wants to see those credit scores improve, but I think you are at a really great place right now, Lola.  And kudos to you for find these forums so early in the credit game and seeking advice.


My advice is to head to the Garden and don't app for any new credit at this point and allow your accounts to age.  As stated previously, Cap One will increase your credit limit after five, on-time payments, but from my time on the forums, I've learned they don't grow much past that.  You can, however, Product Change (PC) to another card (e.g. Cap One Platinum to Quicksilver), which may give you a better chance at seeing higher limits.  I think the jury might still be out on that one.


Definitely work on your relationship with Navy and after 91 days and 3 statements, you can apply for a Credit Limit Increase (CLI) with your current card that will likely only end in a soft pull (However, as others will tell you, always plan on a hard pull with NFCU lol) and you can likely see a huge increase from there.  Then, as others have said, I think six months would be a great time to wait and app for a 2nd NFCU card.  With your scores along with keeping your credit file clean and tending your new accounts, you should see some nice gains with NFCU.


I wish you luck and welcome to the forums!

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