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Need advice on pay off cap one card

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Re: Need advice on pay off cap one card

kbl7td wrote:

Well I've decided I'm not going to mess with the capital one right now. I think if I start playing games with them things might get worse. 


You just ignored all the advice given to you in this thread. Avoiding the CapOne debt (expecially while they still own it) is a bad thing to do. I don't know why you feel like offering a settlement or paying in full is like "playing games." You are chancing that they will just sue you since you are within SOL _or_ sell it to a CA and you'll have two derogatory accounts reporting. They could do both before you feel like playing...

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Re: Need advice on pay off cap one card



Decided to do a GW/PFD email to the CEO of cap one at 3am this morning. Got a call early from a lady in the excutive office saying to call her so we can address my concerns.


In the email, which was very short, I just explained how I'd appreciate it if they would PFD, if I paid in full. 


Anyone have any tips or advice, not sure how to go about this.

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Re: Need advice on pay off cap one card

Just got off the phone with the lady from capital one, however, she pulled the line saying that it is not in her power and she is unable to do that. Very pleasant, but not helpful. 


What would my next step be? She told me she could transfer me to the agency that is collecting on their behalf (its not sold off) and I could workout a payment plan with them or a settlement. 


Since capital one stills owns the debt, but the agency is collecting, I can't workout  a PFD with them can I? Cap one is the one showing on my report...

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