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Need advice

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Need advice

Brightwater Capital is only showing on my EX acct they claim they bought an old HSBC acct.  I disputed with EX and it came back verified, I sent Brightwater a DV and they sent back a basic letter saying they own the debt and demanded payment, problem is it was addressed to someone else.  So I sent a copy back and asked for proper validation.  I have not heard anything back from them. 


I have been sending the OC weekly GWs, I got a no response of course, but in the letter it stated the debt was sold and the CA Atlantic Credit owns the debt, I never got anything from Atlantic Credit nor are they on my report.


To further complicate things I got a letter from another CA, Halsted Financial Services claiming to own the same account.  I sent them a DV letter and I haven't gotten a response.  They are not showing on my reports either.


I am very confused and I really want Brightwater Capital off of my report especially if they don't own the debt anymore.



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Re: Need advice

Well, if it hasn't reappeared, don't worry about it right now. If it does, watch for the dunning letter in the mail. If no dunning letter, send a DV to whomever shows up.


As for the CA reporting. You can send them a certified mail stating that they no longer own the account, reference whatever communication you have and ask them to remove the entry on your CR.


If they don't respond, file a BBB complaint listing the same information.

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Re: Need advice

Usually the DVs are used to determine who has the debt.  This happens because the CAs sell them back and forth.  That's how the wrong information gets to your CR.  It gets watered down time and time again.

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Re: Need advice

Thanks!  I will wait another week to see if I get any DV responses and then move on from there.

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